4 Reasons Why Wayfinding Signage is Essential for your Business


11 Oct 4 Reasons Why Wayfinding Signage is Essential for your Business

Wayfinding signage has become an essential business tool to enhance customer experience. In a world where time is of the essence, enabling customers to quickly know where they are or where they’re headed is vital.

Digital signage software like this comes in a variety of forms and for various purposes. It can be something as simple as a reception sign to a more complex application such as a map with special access inside a hospital or a university.

According to statistics, the digital signage market is estimated to reach a staggering $28.9 billion in the next year, and when more than 90% of the information received by our brains is visual, investing in this innovative tech is a no-brainer. Especially, for businesses with huge footfall.

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Wayfinding signage software, at its very core, needs to address three important aspects: “Where am I right now?” “Where am I headed?” & “How do I get to a particular location?” 

Allowing customers to quickly get answers to these questions will make them feel confident & comfortable as they move around the space. Increasing customer satisfaction and generating big revenues for you.

Benefits of Wayfinding Signage

Today, people seek convenience in their daily state of affairs. Be it shopping, ordering food, booking a ride, banking, studying, or consulting a doctor, it’s all just a click away and customers love that. 

Similarly, directional signage offers visitors/customers a technology-driven approach to finding shops, classes, wards, or information about their own whereabouts inside a building or any space for that matter, on-demand. Adding value to customers’ lives and increasing their trust in your brand.

Let’s take a look at some major benefits of wayfinding signage:

1. Self-Service

The majority of these directional displays are operated by customers. This means that the building staff does not have to do something as mundane as giving directions to people, day in and day out.

Allowing customers to find what they’re looking for without having to wait for someone and increasing staff’s productivity by letting them focus on more important tasks. Paving way for customer & workforce satisfaction.

2. Stress Relief

Imagine walking into a huge shopping mall, not knowing where the desired shops are, and having no one to guide you instantly. It can be rather daunting. Add time constraint to it and the stress levels can go through the roof.

Since interactive wayfinding displays can be easily operated by customers, just like they would use any smartphone these days, it gives them more control. They don’t have to wait for someone else to help them find the desired locations, which makes them feel relaxed. 

All they have to do is find a wayfinding signage display, locate where they are or where they need to be, and head to the desired location in seconds Promoting a positive brand image and increasing customer satisfaction & loyalty. 

3. Visual Appeal

One study suggests that 50% – 80% of businesses’ marketing efforts will be driven by visual content in the coming years.

Aesthetically appealing & easily understandable wayfinding signage software is essential for an exceptional user experience. Adding interactive features can serve as a cherry on top as it engages customers and introduces them to other products/services that you might have.

Moreover, if the display design is CSS-based, changes can be made to the design on the go. Saving valuable time & resources.

4. It is the Future

Since the advent of smartphones, people expect the information to be displayed and accessible in a convenient manner. Something they have control of, in some way, if not the entirety. 

According to Statista, people spend over 5 hours on their smartphones every day. From sports scores to booking airline tickets to receiving the latest weather forecast, it all happens digitally today via smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The latest wayfinding signage delivers customers the same digital experience by allowing them to interact with the displays to find their way or any location within a space. Paving the way for a more consumer-like experience.

Wayfinding signage software does more than just guide people. It serves a myriad of purposes including brand image, customer loyalty, sales, time-saving, and cost reduction.

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