07 Sep Dedicated Team vs Fixed Price – Which Software Development model to Choose?

Establishing a mode of cooperation often goes unprioritized in the pursuit of a successful software development initiative. No doubt, proper documentation of the project’s requirements is vital for receiving accurate quotations and laying a solid foundation for the work to be put in. Also read: Web...

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30 Aug Software Testing: Why is it Crucial for your Business?

The global digitization race has given birth to new ways of conducting business. Software development is one such way and it has penetrated almost all industries. Be it financial services, healthcare, or education, we see some sort of software managing certain aspects of a business....

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05 Aug Why is Python Development still Popular in 2021?

Most of us know or have heard how amazing Python development is. However, you likely stumbled upon this article because you are not fully aware of the advantages of Python and whether you should incorporate it in your next project. Python has been around for almost...

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30 Jul Best Frontend and Backend Framework Combos

When it comes to web and mobile app development, selecting an appropriate technology stack is essential. The rapid technological advances are continuously introducing us to a slew of new development tools and choosing the right one can sometimes get tricky. The same is the case...

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12 Jul 4 Benefits of One-way Video Interviews

As technology progresses and seeps into almost all aspects of our personal & professional lives, we get introduced to a slew of new & useful tools. Recruiters are slowly but surely taking advantage of technology too and opting for smart hiring. Automated one-way video interviews...

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benefits-of automated-recruitment-software

29 Jun Why use Automated Recruitment Software?

The growing need for a more streamlined hiring process has resulted in an increased demand for automated hiring. HR managers and recruiting agencies are now delegating most of their workload to this technology and reaping the long-term benefits of automated recruitment software by saving time...

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25 Jun Why is it Important to have a Transport Management System?

“We don’t need a TMS, it is expensive & exclusive to large-sized companies…”  It is a common misconception in the logistics industry and one that can restrict a company’s growth. If you are tired of getting bad freight and losing valuable time & money, you might...

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5 Computer Vision Trends in 2021

19 Apr 5 Computer Vision Trends in 2021

The pandemic disrupted the lives of millions and most of the industries had to evolve and adapt to the new market scenario choosing digital transformation. The transformation that would have taken years otherwise took just a few months and the trend would be followed by...

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4 Advantages of Business Outsourcing

05 Apr 4 Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is outsourcing one or more of your business functions to a third-party service provider. It takes the load off your team and saves valuable time for your organization. The service provider becomes responsible for all of these business functions. You are...

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