ERP CRM Integration

10 Mar Integration of ERP and CRM Software Solutions: Top 7 Benefits

In an age where data is king, businesses prioritize efficient and secure customer information management. Failure to do so can not only prove detrimental in terms of decision-making and revenue generation but also compromise reputation. To tackle this challenge, businesses are investing heavily in ERP...

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Salesforce Spring '20 Release

17 Feb The 10 Best Features in the Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release

Another season, another Salesforce release, and it comes with a ton of new and exciting features. Here are 10 we know you’ll love in Salesforce Spring ‘20. Do note that just like the previous release, almost all of the features we’re about to discuss are exclusive...

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Frontend vs Backend vs Full Stack Web Development

11 Feb Frontend vs Backend vs Full Stack Web Development

In this article, we’ll be discussing what frontend, backend, and full-stack development mean, and how they differ from one another, especially with regards to the technologies, skills, and responsibilities involved.  If this is your first foray into the world of web development, then these terms can...

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Salesforce Einstein AI

06 Feb Salesforce Einstein Ultimate Guide 2020 – AI for Everybody!

Businesses understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence-driven predictive experiences for staying competitive in the current landscape. Heaps of data are generated every day, and with the tools and techniques available to drive value out of them, no one can really afford to miss out on...

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business systems integration benefits

20 Jan 6 Key Benefits of Systems Integration for Business

Connections count a lot in today's business environment, and this holds when considering the applications you use as well. Most businesses start out with a few handy essentials and steadily expand their arsenal as they grow in size, scope, and operations. This addition of applications...

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Computer vision and its applications

14 Jan Computer Vision: What It Is, How It Works and What It Does

What is Computer Vision? Computer Vision is a rapidly advancing technology that aims to enable computers to automatically gain a high-level understanding of image and video content through Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, so they can see and interpret things the way humans do. This technology...

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8 Features that Make the Best Real Estate CRM

06 Jan 8 Features that Make the Best Real Estate CRM

Gone are the days, when realtors would rely on sticky notes and napkins to “keep track” of potential clients and customers. In present times, customer relationship management has remolded customer expectations forever and has become the difference between keeping your business or losing it. As a...

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The 5 Most Common Staff Augmentation Myths, Busted!

23 Dec The 5 Most Common Staff Augmentation Myths, Busted!

Staff augmentation is a way companies fill the gap between the skills they have at their disposal and the skills necessary for a project’s success. If you already have an in-house team, but they lack proficiency in certain domains and technologies, you can tap into...

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