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[Infographic] How Digital Signage Benefits Different Industries: Retail, Healthcare, Finance and More!

Digital signage popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and with a growing number of industries becoming aware of its advantages, this dominant trend is sure to continue. It’s been estimated that the digital signage market size in the United States alone would grow to $6.9 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 6.5 percent between 2018 and 2025.

Businesses from around the world and across different verticals have implemented digital signage as an essential part of their marketing strategy to deliver mesmerizing customer experiences, drive profits, and stand out from the competition.

But how exactly do Digital Signage Solutions help them achieve these ambitions?

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Let’s dive in and see what benefits some of the most popular industry verticals are reaping from digital signage solutions and what else they should be doing to get even more out of this incredible technology.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

Retail can be a very competitive industry, and with retailers always looking to one-up each other, it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s one of the fastest-growing adopters of digital signage. Given the stakes involved, coupled with how easily and effectively digital signage solutions can help retailers reach more customers and drive sales, one can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.

Gets You More Foot Traffic

Digital Signage starts working its magic well before customers even enter your retail outlet. In fact, 8 out of 10 customers enter a store because of eye-catching digital signage. By utilizing Digital Window Displays, you’re well on your way to convert window shoppers into valued customers.

Increases Sales Opportunities

Inside the store, digital signs not only draw the customer’s attention to your products but also provide a terrific opportunity to educate them about their benefits and functions in real life. Strategically placed signs with personalized content can also promote impulse buys and provide opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Improves Store Marketing Campaigns

Furthermore, digital signage also makes it easy to implement new marketing campaigns. Displays can cycle through content and advertisements in ways that best suit your business goals. Since everything can be updated remotely over the cloud, there’s no need to switch out anything physical, resulting in cost savings.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Given how many of us dread visiting the hospital, the dentist, and most healthcare facilities in general, the importance of enhancing the overall patient experience can’t be stressed enough. An effective communication channel such as healthcare digital signage can play a significant role in driving patient satisfaction by actively educating and entertaining them.

Optimizes the Check-In Process

Digital Check-in Kiosks are not only more inviting than their traditional counterparts, but also enable patients to quickly register their arrival and notify doctors and staff with accurate and relevant information.

Digital Wayfinding Simplifies Navigation

Additionally, Digital Wayfinding Displays can be installed at strategic locations throughout the healthcare facility. By providing patients with intricately designed maps and clearly labeled emergency locations, these solutions can help them navigate the complex, sprawling hospital establishment with ease.

Makes the Hospital Waiting Area More Productive

While digital boards displaying wait times and appointment numbers are commonly being used to great effect, Digital Signage can spruce up your waiting room experience in more ways than one. Use cases range from promoting healthcare services to educating the waiting room crowd about common procedures and illnesses.

Patients in the waiting area are also likely to be more responsive to healthcare information and can use this to enter into meaningful conversations with their doctor, further strengthening their relationship.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Banks and Financial Services Companies

Digital Signage benefits Banks

By going digital, banking processes, in general, have become more convenient and streamlined, but these advances have come at the expense of the personal connection that existed between the bank and its customers. Many banks and financial institutions realize this and are turning to Digital Signage solutions to provide a more personal touch through engaging in-branch customer experiences.

Adds Value to Waiting Times

Most banking branches provide ample opportunities for utilizing Digital Signage to interact with customers. Whether they are waiting in long queues or the lobby, effective signage can be used to deliver targeted and insightful promotional as well as instructional content.

Provides Financial Assistance

By live-streaming the bank’s current credit rates, the latest market prices, currency exchange rates, interest rates as well as other relevant information on strategically-placed displays, customers can be provided financial assistance well-before they even engage with the teller.

Integrates with ATMs

Moreover, most modern ATMs also support basic digital signage features and can be used to display promotional content, warnings, and reminders as customers engage with them. 

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hotels and Resorts

Digital Signage for Hotels and Resorts

Providing extraordinary experiences for guests is a top priority for any hotel or resort. In the increasingly technology-fueled world we live in, no longer do guests perceive high-tech elements as novel additions but rather as essential components of the overall hotel experience. In efforts to quench their guests’ thirst for tech, many hotels have turned to digital signage and found it to be a viable solution.

Makes Checking In and Out a Breeze

Digital Self-Service Kiosks let hotels automate functions of the traditional front desk service. Besides speeding up the check-in/check-out formalities, these products empower guests by giving them more control over the process and also free up the hotel staff to have more human conversations with them.

Improves Guest Satisfaction

Digital Concierges function similarly to self-service kiosks but can be equipped to handle a lot more responsibilities, such as taking food orders, arranging transportation, and providing relevant information about local attractions and nearby events.

Moreover, if the hotel receives guests from all around the world, guests can interact with these interfaces in a language of their choice. This helps them feel more welcomed in their new surroundings and also instills a sense of belonging within them.

Modernizes the Dining Experience

Finally, by providing hotels the ability to deliver eye-catching visuals of menu items coupled with easy to read text, Digital Menu Boards allow them to step up their dining experience as well.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Schools and Education

Outdoor Digital Signage for Schools

Perhaps there’s no industry vertical where grabbing your intended audience’s attention is as vital as it is in education. Modern-day schools are catering to a generation that’s exceedingly comfortable with technological interaction. For effective dissemination of knowledge, schools must utilize mediums that their students find more stimulating.

Offers an Engaging Learning Environment

Digital Signage not just compliments the learning environment but is also an integral part of it. Even the most straightforward implementations comprising of screens and media players offer much more visual stimulation than traditional textbooks and chalkboards. Moreover, schools that have augmented their teaching practices with Digital Signage solutions have reported as much as 30% improvement in class responsiveness.

Improves Student-School Communication

But why confine Digital Signage only to the classrooms? Out in the corridors, it can also take the form of bulletin boards that students would actually bother reading. These can be updated remotely to reflect timely and relevant information such as classroom and time changes, exam schedules, as well as upcoming events.

If students are required to sign up for clubs or meetings, these displays can also be made interactive so that they can conveniently register right there and then.

Adds Another Dimension to Lunch Time

Additionally, digital displays in the cafeteria can let students know what they can expect for lunch. Menus can also provide each lunch item’s nutritional value to promote healthy eating habits among students.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Transportation

Digital Signage in Transportation

The daily commute can be mundane if not frustrating for most passengers. By addressing their common woes and helping them take their mind off their monotonous routine, Digital Signage Solutions can go a long way in livening up their overall transit experience.

Allows Commuters to Stay On Top of their Travel Plans

At airports, subways, rail and bus stations, digital displays can be used to provide accurate and real-time information to passengers including important announcements, arrival and departure times, as well as any unforeseen delays and schedule changes. Easy access to this information allows passengers to make timely adjustments to their travel plans, so they proceed without any major disruptions.

Makes Transit More Immersive

Digital Signage solutions can be implemented in a variety of shapes and forms, making them suitable for use inside different vehicles, including trains, buses, and cabs. Consuming media on the go can help passengers take their mind off their long commute. Digital Signage can also be integrated with GPS technology to display information about nearby points of interest, allowing travelers to get better acquainted with new areas.

Digital Signage Trends and Statistics – By the Numbers Infographic

If you liked some of the Digital Signage related facts and figures we shared in this article, here they are again in a more concise form. Please feel free to share!

Digital Signage Trends and statistics infographic

The Bottom Line!

If we’re to go by recent Digital Signage trends, the future of this technology is definitely a bright one. Owing to their flexible and scalable nature, Digital Signage solutions have successfully cemented their place in different industry verticals and proven to be highly effective in helping adopters achieve their business goals.

Intagleo Systems has been developing custom Digital Signage software solutions for the last 15 years. If you require Digital Signage Consultation or need assistance with developing a signage solution for your industry, contact us today and get in touch with one of our experts.

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