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With over thirteen years of experience in the Digital Signage space, we pride ourselves on working with industry-leading brands like Scala, OnSign TV, Saturn Visual, Pixel Inspiration, Avenview and many more. Intagleo Systems is known for unparalleled Digital Signage product development, maintenance and support services.


We have an experienced team that not only provides custom application development but also helps you enrich the software to be market competitive. With years of experience in Digital Signage, we stay up-to-date with the current market trends and have the latest technology. We have facilitated more than 15 Digital Signage companies around the globe with fresh Digital Signage software development or addition of new features in their existing software.

Digital Signage Expertise

Digital Menu Boards

We have developed Digital Menu Boards software for our different customers as part of their software stack or standalone software. Digital Menu Boards help deliver fast, high-quality service expected by customers visiting places such as a quick-service restaurant. With Digital Menu Boards

  • Increase your sales per customer by cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Promoting your daily menu specials.
  • Update pricing and menu offerings remotely and show menu offerings automatically at different times in a day.
  • Integrate with interactive kiosks.
  • Make your message ACTIONABLE and be able to change both customer behavior and the message itself based on predictive analytics and your own predefined goals.
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Touch Interactive & UWP Solutions

We have provided Touch Interactive Solutions in Windows UWP, Android and SoC technologies to our various customers as part of their Digital Signage software stack or standalone software.

  • Restaurant reviews and reservations
  • Provide your on-demand information on services, amenities and accommodations
  • Sassy digital directory searching
  • Points of Interest on Map with Area Business
  • Real Time Public Transportation Listings
  • Interactive Media Gallery (images and videos)
  • Incorporate interactive surveys to gain feedback
  • Interactive Instagram, Twitter and Facebook streams
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Video Wall Solutions

We have developed solutions that deliver stunning and eye catching video walls along with other Digital Signage contents or without Digital Signage software.

  • Control Room Video Walls
  • Digital Signage Video Walls
  • Information and Announcements
  • Artistic Video Walls
  • Office Video Walls
  • Large and immersive Video Walls
  • Video Walls for Engaging and Entertaining
  • KPIs to track metrics, share data for analysis and decision making
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Retail Digital Signage Solutions

Retail Digital Signage generates an exciting and immersive shopping experience that helps you separate your brand from the competition. It creates an optimized customer experience by bringing elements of online shopping into the retail store.

  • Blow-out sale advertisements that are audience tailored & relevant
  • Focus interest on exclusive special offers with in-store retail digital signage
  • Promote upcoming new sales, promotions, and special events
  • Share on-demand customer driven notification and information
  • Integration of Computer Vision for Apparel & Size Recommendations
  • Calendar of Upcoming Sales
  • Customer Specific deals of day
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Scala and OnSign TV Apps

For the last 5 years, we have been developing customized software using SCALA backend APIs as well as customized templates using Scala Script SDK. OnSign TV also allows us to make customized templates using their SDK which is mainly known as OnSign TV Custom App Development.

  • SCALA Backend API Integrations
  • SCALA Monitoring Dashboard System,provides health of multiple SCALA network players on one platform.
  • Publish Contents using Customized CMS with SCALA backend APIs
  • SCALA Template Development using SDK
  • OnSign TV Custom App Development using SDK
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Tizen & LG webOS Solutions

Cloud-based digital signage solution for Samsung Smart Signage & Tizen & LG webOS Displays. Just add power and Internet.


With more than 5 years of development experience of Samsung Smart Signage, we started from the SSSP 1.0 and are still working on the latest ones like Tizen 2.4 and Tizen 3.0. LG webOS is the dimension where we have also developed various solutions for our customers.


SignageOS is an upcoming universal digital signage operating system, we have developed our digital signage players which run on their apk for LG webOS and Tizen displayes.

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Kiosk Display Solutions

We have developed various applications for Digital Signage Kiosk with built-in media player devices, where user can interact with the screen to achieve a particular action.

  • Restaurant Order Systems
  • Way Finding Solutions
  • Touch Interactive Kiosks for Information Displays
  • Brand advertisements using Kiosk
  • Interactive HTML5 Widgets
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Drive Thru Solutions

Intagleo Systems has developed Drive Thru timing and management solutions used by customers across the globe. Our technology delivers unparalleled operational efficiencies optimizing speed of service, elevating staff productivity and accountability thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Cloud-Based Enterprise Management Software
  • Drive Thru Timing System
  • Dynamic Ranking Systems
  • Order Confirmation System
  • Remote Management & Analytics
  • Operational Software
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Way Finding Solutions

Intagleo has developed interactive Way Finding solutions which are being used by different customers with multi-floor & multi-building turn by turn directions, event integration with innovative Way Finding, dynamic pop-ups with final destination images, videos and more.

  • Hotels & Buildings Way Finding Solutions
  • Multiple Floor Plans
  • Appartments Ground & Floor Plans
  • Neighbourhood Maps
  • Universities Internal Maps
  • Link to your reservation or scheduling systems
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Flexible Model

Whether you are seeking a project based relationship or would like to add remote developers to your ongoing projects, we remain fully equipped to handle your current and future needs! Our Moto is “You Win - We Win”


Proud of our experience in various technologies i.e. AI/CV/DS/ML/E-Commerce, Travel, Freight, Compliance, Banking and more through which those attached to us today continue to benefit day-in and day-out, while we continue to strive for more…


Our Forte has been provision of documents to all those who have some or don’t have them at all some of which are: Software Re-Engineering, Requirement Specifications, Functional Specifications, Coding and Environmental Standards, User Manuals and the Test Case Document

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A complete range for development services available in extremely flexible engagement model.

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Our most recommended solutions to have control over technical teams

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