Every Quality Product Team
Needs an Edge

No longer are you required to address the ebb and flow of software production demand by seeking to increase or decrease head count. Rely on Intagleo to provide cost effective and quality flexibility. QA engineers and rapid prototype specialists are standing by to fill in and keep pace.

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Digital Signage 

Intagleo has built two digital signage products from the ground up. One being for a key industry player in the UK and the other a specialist in interactive signage for the US marketplace. We’ll bring more than keystrokes to your product strategy. Compete in this exciting and rapidly growing solution for marketing & branding or improve your product today!

Server Management Solutions

IBM Tivoli Suite is a specialty of ours. From building unique user interfaces for better management experience through full scale product development of improved server data exchange and security. Understanding server performance is tantamount to your customers, now you can build them a product just for that.

Financial Security

Intagleo has been entrusted by a handful Tier 1 financial institutions for everything from QA of existing products, to security enhancements, through mobile products meant to improve customer experience. There is no job too big or too sensitive.

Cloud Platforms

We can help you quickly retrofit your existing premise-based product to a cloud delivered SaaS product. This has quickly become the minimum competitive ante but there are many proven products which owners struggle to reconcile for this new expectation. We’ll help you keep current customers thrilled and new customers at the door.

Budget-Friendly Services

Needless to say our rates are attention grabbing, but that’s not what keeps our clients most happy. It’s our commitment to quality and strong communication. Projects are led by a PM of your choosing or by your own fully qualified Product Manager. Other than the net savings, the whole experience feels everything like collaboration and nothing like outsourcing.

Are You Ready to Increase Productivity and Reduce Cost?    Yes! Show Me How.

The Intagleo Formula of

It’s not quite E=MC² but what we’ve compiled has been proven by our expanding customer base and the financial rewards they’ve experienced by making this very small tweak to their product strategy.

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Experienced Developers

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Operational Savings

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Flexible Service Models

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Happy Customers and countings