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Here’s What Went Down at Intagleo’s 15th Anniversary

Intagleo Systems turned 15 this weekend. The entire company celebrated this special occasion at Intagleo’s annual dinner, hosted at Faletti’s, Lahore.

The company’s 15th anniversary was a big moment for everyone who’s been a part of this incredible decade-and-a-half long journey. The evening, however, was more about looking towards the future than reminiscing about the past as the best is yet to come. Here’s what went down.

Humble Origins

Intagleo CEO Amar Ali

The event kicked off with a word from CEO, Mr. Amar Ali. To underscore the importance of this milestone, he took the audience right back to where it all began.

Mr. Ali laid the foundation of Intagleo Systems in the early 2000s during his time in England, before successfully expanding operations into Pakistan. Faced with an uphill battle at the time, Mr. Ali remarked he was fortunate to have the most loyal and hardworking people by his side every step of the way.

He stressed that it was due to his team’s tireless efforts that Intagleo emerged as a stable and thriving development services provider. However, it became clear this was only the beginning as Mr. Ali gave the audience a glimpse into the company’s future.

Intagleo’s New Phase: A Sneak Peak

Mr. Ali proudly unveiled the next phase of Intagleo’s evolution. This new chapter will be characterized by the introduction of new departments, team expansion, new infrastructure, improved international standard processes, and a revised business strategy aimed at expanding operations in the US.

Moreover, with the creation of sales, marketing and pre-sales departments and to accommodate the rapidly increasing Intagleo team, the office space will also be getting a refreshing upgrade along with the creation of a new building.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Ali announced the new phase would also introduce additional benefits for Intagleo employees, including new bonuses and fringe benefits.

Fun and Festivities at the Annual Dinner

As Mr. Ali concluded his speech, the Intagleo Recreational Club officially commenced the evening’s festivities and delighted those in attendance with incredible performances including this wonderful rendition of Hotel California.

Senior Management is Ready

Senior Management at Intagleo

After this, the heads of various departments took center stage and elaborated on how each of them is contributing to Intagleo’s new phase.

First up was Head of Operations, Mr. Shabir Khan. Mr. Khan took the audience into confidence about his plans to reform processes across all departments to meet international standards and optimize customer as well as employee experience.

Mr. Omair Ali, Head of Digital, was next and remarked Intagleo was entering its most exciting phase yet. His goal will be to devise digital strategies to increase Intagleo’s visibility and reach in its target regions, all of which he deemed essential for fast-tracking Intagleo’s progress.

Finally, Head of Engineering, Mr. Rizwan Husain stepped onstage to praise the engineering team for its outstanding performance and dedication. Mr. Husain was confident that Intagleo would keep up its tradition of providing world-class development services to its international clientele and further strengthen their engineering and data protection processes by incorporating cutting edge technologies.

Awards Ceremony

Intagleo 15th Anniversary Dinner Awards Ceremony

The incredible evening was capped off with an awards ceremony that served to highlight the efforts of individuals who had gone the extra mile in the performance of their duties.

Awards for different categories were given to long-time loyal employees as well as newcomers for providing superior customer service and exhibiting exceptional technical prowess over the last year.

About Intagleo

Intagleo 15th Anniversary Dinner

Intagleo Systems is a Professional Services firm with 15 years of experience in software development. With a team of 100+ specialized resources and an official presence in the UK, US and Asia, Intagleo supports a global client base.

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