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Intagleo Systems offers risk-free outsourcing service to tech startups and enterprises all across the world. Our key areas of expertise include the following.

Digital Signage

With over ten years of experience in the Digital Signage space, we pride ourselves on working with industry-leading brands like Scala, Saturn Visual, Pixel Inspiration and many more. Intagleo Systems is known for unparalleled Digital Signage product development, maintenance and support services.

Computer Vision

With our core focus on Deep Learning and Neural Networks, we have been working in the Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning domains since 2007. Our clientele includes startups and enterprises looking to develop real-world commercial applications of Computer Vision.


We are your one-stop shop for Salesforce consultancy, implementation, customization, integration, data migration and training services. Contact us today to optimize your Salesforce investment and get real, quantifiable results!


At Intagleo, we offer a full range of DBA services from migration, design and modeling to implementation, maintenance and support. Our skilled developers are experienced in MySQL, MariaDB,  Percona, MSSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Vectorwise, Ingres, Paradox, Hive, Pig, Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB and many more.


Our decade-long experience in embedded software development enables us to develop a wide variety of high-performance embedded systems.  Our areas of expertise include internet of things (IoT), software-defined networks, hardware interfacing and programming.

Travel Technology

We design scalable travel and hospitality industry applications using the most comprehensive travel APIs like TripAdvisor and Expedia. Our portfolio includes travel agency websites, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), flight reservation systems, hotel booking portals and much more.

Mobile Apps & Games

We bring your ideas to life by developing stunning apps and games that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We staff some of the best iOS, Android, HTML5, Unity 3D and Cocos-2DX developers around. With many VR experts in our talent pool, we are raring to go big in the VR games industry!

Microsoft Technology Solutions

We are proficient in a wide range of Microsoft frameworks and applications like ASP.NET, Azure Cloud Platform, SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. From basic applications to large-scale enterprise software, we have done it all!

Enterprise Software

We focus on delivering solutions that enhance your organization’s productivity by enriching employee experience, streamlining business processes, improving customer experience and facilitating inter-department collaboration. We know exactly how to map your day-to-day procedures onto a custom software application!



We’re excited to show off some of our customers’ success. Here’s is a cross section.
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QR Augmented
QR Augmented is an augmented reality mobile application (for iOS and Android) which is used to scan QR, barcodes or logos and the information related to that barcode or logo is then augmented on the mobile screen. The information can be anything from a text, a video clip of the advertisement to even a 2D or a 3D animated figure.


ChromaDex Customer ePortal

 A Comprehensive Portal that provides information to prospective customers regarding the products offered by company as well as mechanism for Request for Quote as well as placing orders. The shopping cart is tied with a comprehensive backend handling customers and orders info. Request for Quotes are inserted into Microsoft Dynamics in the backend.




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Why Intagleo?

Flexible Model

Whether you’re seeking a project basis relationship or you’d like to add three remote developers to an ongoing project, we can accommodate. Victory is yours!

Super Talented

If there is a development technology or methodology our staffed software engineers aren’t intimately familiar with it, please show us. These guys rock, hard.


Whether you’re seeking a project basis relationship or you’d like to add three remote developers to an ongoing project, we can accommodate. Victory is yours!


Yes it’s true, we lock our employees’ CVs in a vault. If anyone saw them it’d be hard to keep ‘em on our team. Organizationally we also have tons of business experience in various markets. We’re not just keystroking nerds.


Tons and tons of them. We’re committed to your success so that’s why you have a state-side liaison and a project manager making sure your goals are being realized. #GreatCommunication

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