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Design Creatively

All application development begins with a concept and design. Inviting us into the process early, allows our team to learn your business needs and translate them into world-class technology. We’ll ask the tough questions, vet all the APIs, and make sure the data structure is sound and complete. Rest assured, we’ll find holes (if there are any) before you spend anything on development.

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Build Efficiently

Our experienced in-house staff is skilled in multiple disciplines and possesses a decade’s worth of knowledge in a range of information and communications technology. This phase of keystroking is not a commodity. You need the skills to get it done right and the commitment to get it done fast. Version 1.0 should knock their socks off. Our rigorous testing and documentation make sure of that.

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Action Time

The project shipment phase is commonly misunderstood by other app firms and especially so by the client. Launching your app across several platforms and stores is usually the most critical and sensitive step in the go-to-market process. We manage this process meticulously, so sit back, relax, and watch as excited new users download your app.

You’re Now in Good
Company with Intagleo

We stay up to date on all the changes and new technologies for major mobile app platforms. You focus on your core business objectives, and we’ll take care of the technology from here.

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As of today, iPhone apps make 50% of the total revenue generated by the mobile application marketplace, according to a recent survey. We have been contracted to develop highly interactive social and business apps for a diverse global clientele. Our proficient team of iPhone app developers has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the iOS platform and seven years’ intensive experience in building customized iOS apps to compliment your business needs. From business apps to games, our iPhone and iPad app developers understand how to bring your ideas to life in the form of a rich iOS app backed by a robust back-end system.

iOS apps designed by Intagleo Systems come along with:
• Location services
• Social Network Integration
• In-App Purchases
• Push Notifications
• External APIs
• Retina Graphics

Why Android?
• It’s the most convenient and easiest mobile app development platform that’s both customizable and flexible.
• It has the biggest share in the global smartphone market. Yep, Apple is actually 2nd!
• It’s an open-source platform that comes with the least development restrictions.

Our expert team of Android application developers is your most reliable partner in providing customized Android application development services. We go the extra mile to fully understand the needs of our clients and their target audience – we then create awesome products that will be loved by both. Over the past seven years, our Android app developers have gained deep insight into Android application development. Apart from the development of native Android apps, our team has technical expertise in:

• Android M-commerce Applications
• Android Widget Development
• Android Social Media Applications
• Android Support & Maintenance
• Android Apps Testing / Portability

Since the release of Windows 8, Windows App Development has attained unprecedented levels of importance, once only exclusive to iOS and Android development. A familiar, user-friendly interface and tight integration with Windows Desktop is only part of the platform’s appeal and has made it a favorite of both individuals and businesses across the world in very little time.

With companies realizing the need to have a presence on this platform, Windows phone app development is quickly finding its place in education, business, healthcare, and many other market verticals owing to features like:

• Seamless data connectivity
• Rich API support
• Enhanced security
• Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM)
• Multithreading

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The Process AND People

Agile Development

We have been successfully practicing scrum-based, iterative, incremental, time-boxed product development methodology as offshore mobile app development and management rock stars for years. Agile software development is the backbone of smooth communication between stakeholders throughout the application development life cycle. As a key principle, we accept and plan for customers who change their requirements as they learn more about the market. Agile development methodology and rapid incremental product delivery maximize our ability to respond to requirements churn.

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Stateside Liaison

We are fully aware that businesses in the US feel more comfortable when they’re dealing with business people and partners that are also based there. To garner more confidence, we’ve invested in two US offices, and your first few weeks with us will be almost exclusively through a skillful stateside liaison. We choose people with similar backgrounds and professional experiences as our customers, so working with us feels more like a colleague-to-colleague collaboration. Your liaison works behind the scenes as an advocate for your product. We win when you win!