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5 Ways Staff Augmentation Can Help You Cope With COVID-19 Business Challenges

With worldwide cases having approached seven figures, the Coronavirus pandemic is certainly unlike anything we’ve seen in recent times and has adversely crippled our way of life, including the way we work. 

Given the circumstances, IT and software companies around the world have had to make tough choices to salvage what they can and adjust to this new reality, i.e., many have their staff working from home to keep them safe. However, even with proper planning and due diligence, it’s still a big challenge for them to ensure business continuity and maintain operational efficiency at the same levels as before.

If your company is having a hard time coping with COVID-19 due to unmet product development goals or abandoned work, staff augmentation can prove beneficial in helping you bridge the gap and return to form. Here are five ways how!

1. Saves Money

Given the present situation, hiring full-time employees for an ongoing project may not only prove challenging but also costly in the long run. However, with an outsourcing partner like Intagleo, you can augment your team with talented experts for a stipulated duration. This means you can hire them for the short term, pay them for the duration of their contract, and have complete assurance about the quality of talent you’re bringing on board.

Staff augmentation also helps you avoid other costs that aren’t immediately obvious, such as hiring and onboarding costs as well as those related to employee benefits and bonuses.

2. Helps Ensure Business Continuity

In addition to being expensive, finding the right resources for the job is also time-consuming. Sometimes, recruiting and onboarding technical staff can even take up to months, resulting in delays that may prove detrimental to your project’s success.

We at Intagleo take care of all of your hiring needs and ensure you have access to all the specialized resources you need. Besides hands-on experience with tools and technologies essential for your project, all our experts have the communication and collaboration skills necessary to augment your in-house team effortlessly and get you up and running in no time.

3. Makes It Easy to Scale Up or Down

Depending on how the current situation evolves and affects your business, you might have to adjust the size of your workforce accordingly. Letting go of permanent employees is never easy for any business. Not only is hiring and grooming them a major investment on the company’s part, letting go of them can easily tarnish their brand and open them up to a whole host of legal and financial challenges.

Staff Augmentation affords companies a great deal of flexibility in this regard. They are able to readily adapt to dynamic market conditions and project needs by managing their staffing needs on a project-to-project basis.

4. Supports Your In-house Team

As the name suggests, the purpose of Staff Augmentation is not to replace your in-house team, but rather to enhance its capabilities with the skills needed to ensure a project’s timely and successful completion. Thus, you can leverage both your internal and external teams to this end.

Also, as a result, existing employees are likely to feel less threatened by and be more open to the idea of adopting a staff augmentation model and bringing aboard a few individuals rather than completely outsourcing the entire project.

5. Gives You Complete Control

Given the stakes involved, the thought of handing over an entire project to another company can be outright unnerving for some. However, it’s important to bear in mind that unlike complete project outsourcing, you retain total control over how you manage the project and the external resources you hire in a staff augmentation model. 

Companies like Intagleo only help you find the right people for the task at hand and manage the HR aspect of it all. Besides that, the same rules apply to your augmented resources as the rest of your team.

The Intagleo Advantage!

If the current situation has you worried, let us help you out. Intagleo Systems is a Professional Services firm, providing risk-free staff augmentation to a global clientele. With over 100 specialized resources on board, we have what it takes to help support your project goals and needs. 

We understand the worry that the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has brought, and in an effort to help our customers push through these difficult times, we’re offering our services at discounted rates. Contact us today to learn more and how to get started.

Lastly, thanks for being a valued reader. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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