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How To Enhance Customer Experience with Custom Mobile Applications

Today’s digitally advanced world has effectively switched to a mobile-first mindset. Most users choose to carry out their daily tasks using mobile apps, whether for shopping, education, communication, or business. One of the primary drivers of this transition of trends is the evolution of technology and consumer experiences. Mobile applications have become common, particularly in the online buying sector, where over 85% of buyers choose intuitive mobile apps over desktop versions. This growing trend of mobile application development has an undeniable impact on how customer experience performs in diverse settings, which could have a long-term impact on the business itself.

Businesses are seeking ways to capitalize on the massive popularity of utility apps in order to realize the economic goals of enterprise-specific apps as well. According to Blake Morgan, a customer experience expert, businesses should devote 50% of their efforts and time to mobile application development. While the benefits of mobile apps are undeniable in today’s customer-centric corporate world, the competitiveness of the user market makes creating a winning app extremely difficult.

Nonetheless, businesses may create custom mobile apps to enhance the client journey by providing an engaging online consumer experience. Organizations can obtain useful insights from consumer data collected from online stores, particularly in the eCommerce industry. This data can be used to provide a better customer experience through customized solutions.

According to a market study, customers who have a terrible experience on a mobile website are 62% less likely to buy from the same eCommerce website again. Focusing on a critical component such as customer experience can considerably influence when your business potentially shows the most progress.

The customer experience has become a critical aspect in the growth and profit of an eCommerce business due to increased competition in the eCommerce market. It is among the most important differentiators in today’s fiercely competitive corporate sector. As a result, businesses are focusing on developing ways to enhance and augment their efforts. An average mobile user uses his/her smartphone for more than 3 hours each day, making mobile apps an essential part of our daily lives. 

Furthermore, according to research, more than half of consumers are more inclined to exit applications that provide a bad user experience. They want mobile apps to respond quickly, and the only thing that organizations that rely on mobile apps have in common is that they are expected to provide an excellent user experience. We may observe large corporations losing money as a result of flaws in their user experience design.

We’ve compiled a list of seven strategies that would definitely help to improve customer experience on mobile applications:

1. Design to support different platforms

Customers are quite engaged with their smartphones 24/7, thus the design of the operating system (OS) is essential. Companies must guarantee that their applications run well across all operating systems, which have varied standards of practice. Any mobile app that fails to sync with the platforms may cause users to exit the app. 77% of businesses lose users within the first three days of their launch. As a result, it is evident how critical it is to ensure that apps work well with many platforms in order to provide a positive customer experience.

2. Make an impression

Different goals drive mobile interactions between customers and businesses. It is essential that the first experience between a user and an app is as easy as possible in order to establish a memorable first impression. The following suggestions may be useful:

  • Provide a brisk interface
  • Only display relevant information on the main screen.
  • Make onboarding as simple as possible.
  • Include eye-catching design elements.

3. Understand the purpose of the application

Businesses’ reliance on design tools is a big mistake when it comes to maximizing consumer experiences. To provide an excellent customer experience, it is critical to first examine the interaction settings.

4. Ensure an interactive experience

When a user interacts with the company’s mobile app, a feeling of authority improves his overall experience. The way mobile consumers interact with their favorite brand’s mobile app is what makes them become obsessed with it. Keeping user interactions engaging is one strategy to improve user experience. Enhancing interactions aid in catching the attention of customers and ensuring engagement rates. A mobile application testing business makes certain that its team creates interfaces based on anticipated user behavior. A strong communication process is essential for providing excellent client experiences on mobile apps.

5. Navigation

We all realize that interactions with mobile apps are far more limited than those with a computer monitor. Despite the fact that a company’s content and services stay the same. However, navigation can be a major issue that degrades mobile app user experiences. To prevent this and provide a better user experience, mobile app developers should guarantee that a search box is available at all times during a mobile interaction. Its placement may vary depending on the platform for which a mobile app is designed, but the navigation should aid in improving the user experience. A search button should preferably include the following features:

  • Analyze spelling concerns to guarantee that users can find what they’re looking for.
  • Suggestions and auto-fill in.

6. Accessibility

Have you ever considered how frustrated a user feels when he unintentionally taps ‘cancel’ while he intended to save the information? It is critical to understand the fundamental accessibility aspects that are important to the users with whom you want to engage through mobile apps. Most of the time, consumers tap on mobile devices with their thumbs. Those who use their phone with two hands tend to tap with their finger. As a result, mobile app developers must be aware of the accessibility concerns that these two designs can cause and ensure that the buttons are placed in those regions.

7. Rigorous software testing

It is one thing to guess what people anticipate from a brand and quite another to know what users want while interacting with a mobile app. Mobile user testing aids in the optimization of mobile apps for a positive consumer experience. Ensure that you employ user analytics and A/B testing to discover critical areas for a successful app launch. Make sure you can answer questions like, “What are the features that will make your app more valuable?” Is the user sign-up form simple to complete?

As the world is getting more digital, customers ’ expectations are rising too. As a result, organizations must elevate their game with the correct mobile app testing strategy. The suggestions above can assist improve the customer experience for mobile app users.

With over 18 years of experience in creating custom applications, we understand how to cater to the consumer’s expectations in today’s digital space. Users can reach out to us for a free consultation regarding application development or enhancement anytime. 

Contact our Intagleo professionals right away!

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