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6 Ways You Can Hire Smarter with Automated Video Interviews

In today’s highly competitive job market, there’s tremendous pressure on recruitment teams to identify and hire the best people for the job. Having to dial up each candidate individually to schedule a screening interview that may not even go anywhere can amount to a massive waste of time and doesn’t help matters at all. There surely has to be a smarter way of going about things.

And there is…

Enter IntVue – an automated recruitment software that aims to simplify & speed up candidate screening and streamline the entire hiring process. Recruitment automation via IntVue facilitates companies around the world deliver a superior, more engaging candidate experience and hire top talent effectively.

IntVue Features

Here are some of IntVue’s salient features that help recruiters and hiring managers be more productive and make their lives easier.

Live Interview Simulation

While IntVue does away with the in-person interviewer, it keeps the authentic and familiar face-to-face interviewing experience intact. Once candidates initiate an interview, they only get one take to answer all the questions, and all their responses are recorded in real-time.

Easy Interview Scheduling

Automated recruitment software such as IntVue, makes interview scheduling a walk in the park. Just create a job opening, select your desired candidates, and send them all personalized invites with just one click!

Questionnaire Builder

With IntVue’s native questionnaire builder, you can easily set up unique question sets for all your job openings and recruitment campaigns. The best part is that regardless of the pricing option you pick, you can still create an unlimited number of question sets that can be used, tweaked, and reused as needed.

Recruitment Dashboards and Reports

To ensure recruitment managers never lose sight of the big picture, IntVue comes with intricately designed dashboards and purpose-built reports right out of the box. With never before insight into interviewing efforts at your fingerprints, you can easily identify what works best and optimize your recruitment strategies accordingly.

Plug and Play Solution

IntVue doesn’t require any complicated installation to get you up and running. All you need are a working internet connection and a PC or mobile phone that can access the web, and you’re good to go!

Evaluation and Feedback

Recruitment automation makes it easier to get the entire recruitment team, no matter how big, on the same page. Recruiters can make notes and leave comments against each recorded response to instantly provide feedback as well as vote a candidate up or down. Aggregated votes help decide which candidates make it to the next round and which don’t.

Personalization and Customization

From simple branding options (colors, logos, etc.) to complex system-wide customizations (modules, fields, users, etc.) to third-party app integrations, with IntVue it’s possible to bring each and every element in line with your company values and recruitment workflow.

Now with the pleasantries out of the way, let’s delve into the 6 main benefits you can reap by incorporating IntVue into your hiring process.

6 Ways Automated Recruitment Software allows for Smarter Recruitment

1. Makes Interview Scheduling A Breeze

When it comes to in-person interviews, coordinating schedules can be a nightmare for everyone involved. For the recruitment team, this means quickly finding themselves knee-deep in emails and phone calls in an effort to ensure everyone is where they’re supposed to be on the day of the interview. For the candidate, this often means taking time off from work and traveling miles for a position they may not even get.

Automated recruitment software changes all of that by letting HR teams schedule and send out one-way interviews all at once. A suitable time window enables candidates to respond to questions at their convenience while hiring managers can review and assess these recorded responses on their own time. This means recruitment teams no longer have to go through the cumbersome ordeal of juggling interviewers and interviewees, and there’s no need to inconvenience candidates either.

2. Eliminates Geographical Barriers

In addition to time management and scheduling constraints, IntVue also enables you to overcome ones associated with location. This way, you can tap into a richer and deeper talent pool as you can literally approach candidates from anywhere in the world without needing to account for travel or differences in time zones.

From the perspective of candidates from another city or country, IntVue makes their life a whole lot easier as well. Not only do they not have to leave the comfort of their hometown for an interview, but IntVue also somewhat levels the playing field for them by guaranteeing a consistent interview experience for all candidates.

3. Helps Hiring Teams Draw Meaningful Conclusions

Besides evening the odds, IntVue’s all-around consistent interview experience also prevents conversations from going off-track by ensuring all candidates are asked the same questions. Such a level of uniformity is hard to imagine in an in-person interview. However, by leveraging a structured approach and predetermined question sets, IntVue helps you do the same without even breaking a sweat. 

Moreover, automated recruitment software lets recruiters view all recorded responses anytime. Thus, they can effortlessly compare and contrast responses from different candidates, as thoroughly as needed. This helps them make fairer and more informed decisions when screening candidates best suited for the position in question.

4. Reduces Time To Hire

To find worthwhile candidates, hiring managers and recruiters typically spend a great deal of time in the screening round. If it’s a high volume position, sifting through paperwork can be a real chore, while the changes of a quality hire also dwindle the longer it takes for them to respond to candidates.

IntVue makes it possible for recruiters to engage multiple candidates at once without having to worry about candidate no-shows, schedule alignment, and whatnot. Unlike traditional methods, video interviewing also provides teams a more holistic view of candidates, so they’re able to quickly and more accurately weed out candidates who have no business participating in subsequent rounds.

5. Simplifies Collaboration and Feedback Management

Smarter hiring decisions demand smarter collaboration, and IntVue helps you do just that. Since it’s a centralized, cloud-based platform, it lets recruiters view, analyze, and compare candidate responses whenever and wherever they find convenient, making sure each candidate has their undivided attention. 

Team members can leave feedback and comments for all candidate responses, which can be made visible to fellow members for more transparent, impartial, and informed decision-making. All members can then vote a candidate up or down, ensuring everyone’s had their say before arriving at the final verdict.

6. Reduces Bias and Discrimination

Despite the best of intentions, bias can creep up at any stage in face-to-face interviews and influence recruiters to make decisions that not only serve to demotivate worthy candidates but also don’t bode well for companies in the long run. IntVue attempts to make the recruitment process fairer and more fruitful for everyone involved in several ways:

Firstly, the sets of questions candidates must answer are identical and don’t presuppose anything about them based on their appearance or where they’re from. Secondly, as long as they have a working internet connection, all candidates have an equally good interview experience regardless of where they’re situated.

Lastly, interview evaluations are transparent and can be conducted by a team of recruiters, effectively negating personal biases to a great extent.

Get Started With IntVue for FREE!

Think IntVue might be a good fit for your organization? Don’t just take our word for it! IntVue pricing options start at $0, so you can experience our platform in all its glory without having to spend a dime. So sign up with IntVue today and make your hiring process more effective. 

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