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10 Proven Tips For Hiring The Best Software Development Team

We’ve already discussed all the reasons why you’d be better off going for custom software development over off-the-shelf applications. Now, it’s time we go over what comes next: Choosing the right software development team for building your custom solution!

However, hiring and outsourcing skilled experts is often easier said than done and not something you should take lightly. Choosing poorly at this stage can not only derail your ambitions for building a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking mobile or web solution but may have dire consequences for your business as a whole.

Moreover, as the demand for custom software increases, so does the number of companies that offer bespoke business solutions, making the selection process even that more of a feat.

With that in mind, here are 10 surefire tips that will help you separate the best from the rest and choose the software development team of your dreams who can actually get the job done.

Let’s begin!

1. Understand Your Needs

When we say needs, we don’t necessarily mean all the fine technical details that will go into building your app or software. However, having an understanding of your business requirements, goals, and high-level software features will provide you a good-enough criterion for assessing prospective teams. You’ll be able to ask them questions relevant to your project and compare them to decide who’s best equipped to handle your specific needs.

The benefits of having a clear idea about your needs don’t just stop here either. Down the line, this can really help speed things along and make the final product more likely to be in line with your expectations.

2. Prefer A Technological Partner Over Just A Software Vendor

Depending on the size and scope of your project, you don’t just want a software development team that has the technical skills needed for realizing your vision but one with whom you can cultivate a long-term positive relationship. This will not only pay dividends for your project but will also help your organization, on the whole, thrive and grow.

This is very in line with our philosophy at Intagleo. We don’t just believe in creating great technological solutions; Our key focus is prioritizing your vision and helping you solve problems and overcome challenges most important to you. To this end, we seamlessly augment your team with our experts who serve as your partners in success.

3. Consider Ongoing Support and Maintenance

It’s not enough to have a team that just caters to your current needs when you can have one that accommodates your future ones as well. No matter how meticulously developed, a piece of software is never really complete. Most likely, there will always be a new feature you’d want to add or a bug just waiting to rear its ugly head. Making sure the company you choose offers ongoing support will thus go a long way.

We at Intagleo offer a range of flexible support and maintenance options so we can flesh out our clients’ custom software continuously and help them meet any challenges they encounter along the way, head-on.

4. Ensure They Communicate Frequently and Effectively

Outsourcing software development to an offshore company has many benefits. However, before you engage a software development team on the other side of the world, it can help immensely to inquire about how well and how frequently they communicate. Make sure to enquire about what protocols and methods they have in place to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. 

You should also try to ascertain any cultural, geographic, or linguistic barriers that may hinder coordination down the line. At Intagleo, not only do we leverage the most cutting-edge collaboration platforms, but all our resources undergo a strict training regimen that ensures they’re equipped with the right skills and acquainted with best practices for robust communication. We also offer free dedicated Project Managers and Quality Assurance Engineers for all new projects for the first few months, ensuring you stay up-to-date with all the latest developments on your project.

But that’s not all! We also provide free Project Managers and Quality Assurance Engineers for all our clients for the first few months, ensuring you stay up-to-date with all the latest developments on your project. Our offices in the US and the UK also make it really easy for you to correspond with one of our representatives in person.

5. Look For Flexible and Transparent Pricing

While staff augmentation is generally cost-effective, no one likes surprises when it comes to their budget. Having a clearer picture of your finances also helps you plan ahead and anticipate any curveballs that may come your way.

Therefore, your prospective software vendors must provide you an up-to-date, easy-to-understand, and transparent breakdown of their pricing. Carefully compare all the options available to you and choose the one that best suits your needs while offering you the most bang for your buck. To get started, you can contact us and learn all about our flexible engagement models and pricing options.

On a side note, while you may already have a number in mind, don’t be afraid to stretch it out a bit if you feel it’s justified. Having a quality solution that yields your desired ROI is more important than cost-savings that may come to haunt you later. 

6. Gauge Their Project and Industry Experience

Custom software development can be a huge investment, and it’s vital to ensure you’re in good hands. Dig a little deeper and try to find out what kind of projects your software vendor has worked on and completed successfully in the past. You can normally find their portfolios on their website, and can even ask them to email one to you. This should help you decipher whether they’ve tackled custom software projects of a similar size and scope as yours before as well as how adept they are at developing solutions for your industry, i.e., retail, healthcare, finance, etc.

7. Analyze Their Software Development Methodology

Depending on factors like flexibility, involvement, and control, the methodology you opt for developing your custom software will vary. In this regard, your choice will likely boil down to either Agile or Waterfall, each accompanied by its own unique set of benefits and challenges.

Try to evaluate each option and decide whether one, the other or a combination of both will best meet your requirements. Then ask the software company what methodology they use for development and share your concerns.

8. Assess Their Technological Expertise

Software companies don’t shy away from flaunting their skills and tech expertise, so finding out about them shouldn’t be too hard. Check out their website or request their company profile to get a good idea of what they’re all about and whether their tech stack can accommodate your project. A good company should be comfortable with a wide range of tools and technologies, and shouldn’t be hell-bent on trying to shackle you down to a particular one. 

Moreover, while it’s great having a team that’s experienced and well-versed in industry-standard tools and technologies, it’s equally important they look to the future and keep up with the latest trends and innovations. This makes it likely that they’d be able to ensure your product’s long term success and scale it as per your changing needs.

Lastly, when building a custom solution from scratch, it’s good to ensure the software company can handle your needs beyond development as well, i.e., design, training, quality assurance, ongoing support, maintenance, etc.

9. Find Out How They Ensure Data Security

Most software applications involve the exchange of data in one form or the other. It’s important your software partner understands the risks involved and has mechanisms in place for handling sensitive and confidential data and preserving its integrity. Moreover, they should be experienced in identifying and weeding out vulnerabilities, as well as safeguarding your organization against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

10. Contact The Software Development Team Directly

Software companies have multiple channels for you to reach out to them directly, and many even offer free consultation to help clear any confusion and address your concerns early on. This can be very insightful as it can help you deduce how responsive and communicative a company is. You can also take this time to get acquainted with the people behind the brand and find out if they’re really as capable as they say they are.

You can ask them for tentative estimates for pricing and timelines along with project samples and custom proposals to size them up even further. Getting your facts straight will help you make a more informed decision regarding which team to move forward with and ensure your project’s success.

And while we’re on the subject, how about you get in touch with one of our experts right now and tell us how we can help you realize your software development ambitions, vetting us in the process. Regardless, make sure to remember these ten tips before making your decision, and you’ll be just fine. 

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