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How Digital Signage Software Boosts Business Growth?

Businesses around the globe want to stand out from the crowd and flourish. One major goal is to sell more products via user engagement and generate revenues. While there are many ways to achieve this, one innovative & cutting-edge solution is digital signage software

Statistics suggest that more than 90% of purchase decisions are based on visual factors. This means investing valuable time & finances in researching the best ways to showcase your products/services and managing employees is worth the while. 

What is Digital Signage Software?

Unlike conventional approaches such as posters, printed billboards, and brochures, digital signage displays include LEDs, projection devices, and flat panel displays to showcase digital content.

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One of the biggest benefits of< digital signage software is its ability to quickly change content such as menus, new offers, and other marketing initiatives. This tech eliminates the need for creating traditional prints for huge billboards and installation, which takes days and sometimes weeks to get ready. With digital signage, you can display high-quality images, custom graphics, & videos to attract customers.

It comes with a digital signage media player which is connected to a display and houses software for display management. It allows users to create and upload the desired content, fast!

Benefits of Digital Signage

Various types of digital signage are viewed by a huge number of US citizens. While 41% viewed ads or marketing content on Facebook, more than 70% have seen videos on a digital signage display – a 2010 research by Arbitron suggests.

A digital display is way easier to manage. It does not require long waits associated with sign prints, shipping, and installment. You can create promotional content on the go using a laptop, which can then be delivered and uploaded to the digital signage display via the internet, from anywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of digital signage software in terms of customer engagement and revenue generation:

1. Make a good first impression<

Digital signage displays come in all shapes & sizes to match your surroundings. Besides promotions and providing information, well-designed digital signage solutions allow businesses to enhance their shops’ aesthetic appeal. Delivering customers with the highest level of customer experience and an unforgettable first impression.

For example; 3D images and videos of a clothing brand’s best sellers or latest designs across the walls will not only inform customers but also add a visual shopping experience like no other. Impressing them enough to shop again and even bring in friends and family next time. Increasing the chances of selling more products.

2. Engage customers via social media digital signage

Allowing valuable user-generated content displayed on digital signage can help boost social media activity. Besides bringing new subscribers to your social media handles from the offline world, digital signage software also creates brand awareness. Exposing your product/services to new customers and creating a valuable online community – a must-have in today’s tech-driven world.

World’s biggest car manufacturer, Toyota, implemented this strategy and saw a 14% increase in Twitter following and a whopping 65% increase on Instagram as well.

3. Enhance customer experience

Imagine a scenario where the digital signage software only displays the latest news, sports channels, and menu. While it is better than having no digital display at all, there’s not much a customer can do with them in terms of engagement.

Now, think of a restaurant where there are small, interactive, digital signage displays at every table, connected to the internet, and with social integrations. In this case, customers can not only enjoy their food but also share their experience via social media walls and even leave comments & suggestions. Allowing them to do much more than just eating. Enhancing customers experience and maybe persuade them to visit again.

Talking of customer experience, digital signage software can also be used to display useful information. For instance; a wayfinding solution can be integrated with the digital signage that allows people in the building to locate a specific shop in a mall, a class in the university, or an operation theatre in a hospital.

4. In-store promotions

One of the most obvious advantages of digital signage software is in-store promotions. 

For example; a walk-in customer shopping at one of your locations sees a promotional message on the digital signage about an upcoming sale. This will increase the chances of him/her visiting again and shopping from you. 

You can also market sales and offers at other brick-and-mortar locations, where the footfall is low, and possibly increase sales over there too. 

Let’s just admit it, digital signage software is pretty cool and the earlier you adopt it, the easier it will be to stay ahead of the competition. You can do so much with digital signage and it guarantees high customer engagement compared to relying on traditional ways only. The customers will enjoy the experience and you will make profits. A win-win situation for everyone.

However, the idea is not to completely get rid of the traditional marketing strategies but a marriage of conventional and technology-driven marketing initiatives.

Digital signage solutions can be added to the high-traffic areas or points of sales to boost the potential of traditional methods and support other marketing strategies. All it requires is a high-speed internet connection, display screens, media player, and quality content. Intagleo Systems can help you with that. Get in touch with us today to reap the benefits of digital signage.

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