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Salesforce Einstein Ultimate Guide 2020 – AI for Everybody!

Businesses understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence-driven predictive experiences for staying competitive in the current landscape. Heaps of data are generated every day, and with the tools and techniques available to drive value out of them, no one can really afford to miss out on the action.

In its bid to remain the number 1 CRM, Salesforce caught on early that it also had to become the smartest. Several partnerships, acquisitions, and releases later, Salesforce has built its AI portfolio into a formidable force under its Einstein brand.

With this in mind, we’ll be taking a look at what Salesforce Einstein is all about and the different ways it’s diffused across the Salesforce ecosystem as well as other fine details so you may get a better idea of how you can leverage it for maximum effect.

Let’s begin!

What is Salesforce Einstein?

As you might have guessed, Salesforce Einstein is a set of advanced AI capabilities that help you make smart use of your data and automate processes to better anticipate customer needs and deliver personalized experiences. Salesforce calls it the most comprehensive AI for CRM.

However, what really sets it apart is how it makes AI accessible to a much wider user base. Compared to most other solutions, there’s relatively very little you need to do or need to know to get started and be smarter, and more predictive about your customers. 

Various Einstein functions and features are available as part of the Salesforce Einstein Platform and across the company’s core cloud products. Let’s go over these categorically:

Salesforce Einstein Platform – Develop Smart Apps for Salesforce and Beyond

Salesforce Einstein Platform

With the Salesforce Einstein Platform services, admins and developers can build robust AI-augmented apps, across every department. The best part is Einstein does all the heavy lifting for you; most of the time there’s little to no coding involved, and all you need to do is point-and-click. Let’s go over the different ways you can put AI to work using the Einstein Platform.

Einstein Discovery

With Einstein Discovery, any Salesforce Admin or Developer can make Salesforce apps intelligent by embedding context prediction and a prescription within them. Einstein Discovery analyzes tons of data in minutes to help users find meaningful patterns and smart insights, where and when they need them the most.

Equipped with explanations, recommendations, and predictions based on all of your data sources (within Salesforce and outside), you can act on these instantly within any Salesforce app to engage customers better, boost productivity, and be more proactive. 

Additionally, presentations based on your AI-fueled findings are automatically generated, helping you communicate them within your organization visually and thus, more effectively.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder makes it extremely easy to generate custom predictions against any object in Salesforce. You simply need to point and click to create a predictive field, and Prediction Builder uses machine learning and historical data to do the rest. These fields can be embedded in any Salesforce page.

You can predict everything from payment delays to subscription renewals and more. The ability to anticipate the likely scenario helps you better prepare for it and tweak your strategies accordingly. Naturally, the more data you have, the more accurate your predictions will be.

Next Best Action

Einstein Next Best Action is basically a rules-based recommendation engine with an interface that lets you take actions against the recommendations it produces. It’s not actually AI by itself as it requires you to configure workflows. However, you can easily customize it and power it with an AI of your choice to make the right recommendations to your employees or customers at the right time.

Moreover, Einstein NBA also tracks and learns from the responses to its recommendations, allowing it to get smarter and make better recommendations over time.

Einstein Language

Einstein Language analyzes unstructured text and leverages Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to predict its underlying intent and sentiment, allowing you to communicate more effectively and adopt the best course of action.

It can skim through, categorize, and draw meaningful insights from multiple channels and all forms of text, including social media comments, customer support emails, forms, and notes, etc. With the right messages in front of the right person at the right time, you can understand and engage customers as well as leads like never before.

Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots make use of NLP to help you step up your customer service game. They not only perfectly augment the capabilities of your service agents but also make it possible to offer round-the-clock support. They are ideal for handling routine requests and free up your agents to contend with more complex issues.

The Einstein Bot Builder provides a highly intuitive interface for setting up bots according to your unique business needs with ease. Once created and tested, your bot can be deployed across all your support channels, including your company’s website and mobile app. Over time and with training, your bots will get better and more adept at understanding the context behind specific phrases as well as customer intent.

Einstein Vision

Using Salesforce Einstein Vision, you can easily add Computer Vision capabilities to your apps, so you’re able to automatically categorize and identify objects within images. You can create apps that let you take photos to keep track of inventory or ones you can use to look up products online. The possibilities are practically endless!

To get started, you simply need to provide labeled image data, and Einstein builds the most suitable deep learning models for you. After creating and training your model, you can then test it against unlabelled data to see how it fares. Once you’re satisfied, you can integrate your predictions into iOS and Android apps to derive value from unstructured image data.

Einstein Voice

Voice puts Einstein’s speech-to-text capabilities through their paces and lets you create apps that leverage the power of voice to help you get things done quicker, with less effort. Conversations are readily transcribed into unstructured text data using NLP and voice recognition, which is then processed to complete various requests using AI.

For instance, you can talk to your phone, PC, or smart speaker to create notes within Salesforce. Einstein can then put that text into the context of your business and use AI to identify action items and update the correct fields. You can even use Einstein Voice to hear a daily briefing of all your KPIs and dashboards and present voice-driven analytics during meetings.

Companies can also build customer-facing voice assistants that are connected to their Salesforce data. Customers can then interact with them, ask questions, and make requests using just their voice.

Now let’s take a look at some of the coolest features Einstein brings to various core Salesforce clouds. While you’ll find some of these capabilities bundled with existing cloud licenses and editions, others come at a premium (READ MORE: Salesforce Einstein Editions and Pricing).

Salesforce Einstein for Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud Einstein

Predictive Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Einstein leverages past sales data to score leads and opportunities according to how likely they are to convert. This way you can prioritize leads more effectively and give them the attention they deserve. Intuitive factors (positives and negatives) behind the scores are also made visible, so you can develop a deeper understanding and make more informed choices. 

Opportunity and Account Insights

This feature helps you stay on top of key business developments and relevant updates with regards to your opportunities and accounts, so you’re able to engage and follow up with them, equipped with the right information at the best possible moment.

Einstein Forecasting

Einstein takes the guesswork out of sales forecasting and leverages your past sales data and machine learning to provide you smart predictions and recommendations, along with the intuition that goes behind them. Einstein continually learns from your data and gets more accurate over time.

Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture

Salesforce Inbox perfectly integrates Salesforce with your email and calendar and provides you relevant insights within your inbox so you can close more deals. Moreover, it automatically discovers new connections and logs their information into Salesforce, ensuring all your data is up to date.

With Einstein Activity Capture, your emails and events are automatically added to your Salesforce records, and email insights appear on the activity timeline.

Sales Analytics

Einstein helps you drive sales by providing you meaningful insights into your sales data and presenting them through intuitive reports and dashboards, so you’re able to understand them better.

Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Cloud

Predictive Scoring

Einstein uses customer data and machine learning to build predictive models that score each of your subscribers based on their likelihood to open, unsubscribe from, or click links in your emails. All of your subscribers are thus, effectively segmented based on engagement, allowing you to target them better and maximizing conversions.

Predictive Audiences

You can use predictive scores to build an audience of your best customers and then create lookalike audiences to find new prospects and customers to extend the reach of your campaign.

Send Time Optimization

Using machine learning and automated analysis, this feature helps you determine the best time to send an email to each of your subscribers, so they’re more likely to open them.

Einstein Vision for Visual Studio

Einstein Vision for Marketing Cloud brings image insights to the platform and helps you automatically discover and identify brands and products in images shared on social media, even without you being mentioned specifically. This helps speed up response times and lets you connect with more fans and followers.

Salesforce Einstein for Service Cloud

Salesforce Einstein for Service Cloud

Einstein Supervisor

This empowers you with real-time data for improved visibility. With details like agent availability, queues, and wait times at your fingertips, you can take informed actions. Einstein Supervisor can even predict customer satisfaction and make specific recommendations to improve customer experience.

Case Classification and Recommended Responses

Einstein automatically analyzes, classifies, and escalates incoming cases. Moreover, it automatically pulls the best articles and responses based on past cases and customer conversations to help you respond quicker with better context.

Commerce Cloud Einstein

Commerce Cloud Einstein


Einstein Product Recommendations

E-commerce managers can constantly track shopper behavior on their website and use this information to provide highly personalized, intelligent product recommendations on each page.

Einstein Predictive Sort

This feature automatically tailors search and category pages for shoppers based on all their past interactions with your website or mobile app by prioritizing products they’ll likely want more. Thus, you’re able to drive sales by better connecting shoppers to the products they’re looking for.

Einstein Search Dictionaries

Einstein Search Dictionaries ensures you don’t miss out on a sale just because your customer wasn’t able to find it using the search bar. This feature consumes all site searches to find keywords that aren’t currently in your dictionaries and also generates synonyms that you can incorporate.

With over 15 years of experience in Salesforce development, we have the technical skills and industry knowledge needed to ensure the success of your Salesforce Einstein Implementation. Contact us today to get started!

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