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Software Testing: Why is it Crucial for your Business?

The global digitization race has given birth to new ways of conducting business. Software development is one such way and it has penetrated almost all industries. Be it financial services, healthcare, or education, we see some sort of software managing certain aspects of a business. So much so that in its absence a business’s daily state of affairs may cease to exist.

While this technological trend is helping companies grow, many businesses are oblivious to the importance of software testing. Not only are they risking app performance but also end-users security and the fate of the business. In short, companies that don’t follow the software testing standards and best practices, are compromised.

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If you are a marketer, you must be well aware that regardless of the product’s quality, it is quite difficult to penetrate into the market without investing in a sound marketing strategy. Similarly, software testing is not an alternative, it is a prerequisite for identifying bugs, ensuring seamless app performance, & ultimately business success.

Why is Software Testing Important?

All kinds of modern technologies require a rigorous testing protocol to ensure the best performance. Software is no different. As soon as a new code or module is released, the need for regression and black-box testing arises. So why is this step so crucial? Here are a few benefits of software testing:

1. It saves costs

The idea is simple, the sooner you fix a bug, the cheaper it would be. So if your QA team pinpoints and fixes bugs during the unit testing phase, the cost will be much lower because only a specific module will have to be revamped. If these errors go undetected during the unit phase and are then found during the integration stage, the cost will be much higher.

Now, think of a scenario where the software has been developed and rolled out to the customer too, only to find out there are major errors in it. Redevelopment and fixing at this stage will not only be heavy on the pockets but also tarnish your business’s repute. Prioritizing software testing like other departments of development will only help reduce costs in the long run.

2. Security

In 2014, around 83 million records of banking giant, JP Morgan Chase were compromised due to a weak security system. Ride-hailing company Uber, also went through a security breach due to a third-party vendor. It affected 57 million users. The breach led to the firing of the CFO and the company went down to $48 billion from $68 billion.

Most of these mishaps occurred due to the lack of proper software scrutiny. The cost of repairing such an error is more than just monetary. It leaves a permanent scar in terms of reputation too. Therefore, implementing the software testing standards and best practices is a no-brainer. To save yourself from this nightmare, it is important to test software at every stage of the SDLC and use techniques such as white-box testing, regression testing, & black-box testing, etc.

You have to keep in mind that as the technology progresses, so does the hackers’ skillset. So you need to up the ante and always be one step ahead of cybercriminals.

3. Reputation

The better the software reputation, the more satisfied end-users will be and it is directly linked to software quality assurance. If your app went through proper software testing that led to seamless performance and better user experience, you will not only generate big revenues but also result in higher customer satisfaction.

So how is that helpful?

Positive feedback is always good for your brand. If the end-users are satisfied, they will probably write good reviews about your business online. According to statistics, over 90% of millennials give weight to online reviews and 93% of online consumers base their decision to buy or reject a product/service according to the online feedback. 

What people say about your company is going to influence new users to either use your services or go to a competitor. So if the current users are happy with your services, chances are they will recommend it to others as well, paving way for a better market position.

Thorough software testing is the lifeline of your software. It starts from the preliminary stages of your software development lifecycle and remains relevant even after the product is launched. Know that this is not an unnecessary expanse, it is vital for developing high-quality apps and will help you sustain business growth.

However, ensuring strict quality standards is easier said than done. Especially, if you are a startup or an accomplished business trying to manage various departments and unable to pay proper attention to software quality. If you are facing the same challenge, get in touch with Intagleo and make your software development journey more efficient.

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