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Why is Python Development still Popular in 2021?

Most of us know or have heard how amazing Python development is. However, you likely stumbled upon this article because you are not fully aware of the advantages of Python and whether you should incorporate it in your next project.

Python has been around for almost two decades now, it is constantly growing, and is one of the most popular programming languages.



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It not only benefits web and mobile app development but is also quite helpful for mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, and researchers. It is quite popular in the fintech industry, AI & ML, and among startups as well. So what is Python? What are the advantages of Python development? And How is it different from other programming languages? In this article, we are going to cover these aspects and more, so you can confidently implement Python development in your next project.

Besides being immensely popular, Python is relatively easier to understand and work with too. Professionals from fields, other than software development, can also reap the benefits of Python and make their lives easier. So it can be used for data analysis, visualization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

The most popular use of Python among non-developers, however, is automation. With the help of a simple Python script, they can automate and speed up monotonous and repetitive tasks such as copying files & folders, naming and renaming them, and then uploading them to servers. 

Moreover, you can automate mundane things like website downloads and parsing, CSV VIew files, Excel sheets, and PDF files as well. So it does not matter if you’re not a trained programmer. You can make productive use of Python language even if you are an accountant, a mathematician, or a scientist. And of course, Python works like a charm when it comes to website and application development too, making it a multi-purpose 

Now, you must be thinking, well, we can do all of that with other programming languages too, big deal?! So let’s explore some reasons that make Python stand out from the crowd. 

Advantages of Python over other Programming Languages

Python eliminates the need for writing lengthy and complicated code. For instance; if you are looking to extract the first three letters of the word software, this is what the developers have to write in C#:




This is how it looks in JavaScript:




And in Python, it will be:





You can clearly see how easy, simple, and short Python programming is. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few other advantages of Python that make it a favorite in the developers’ den.

A High-level programming language

Python makes performing complicated tasks simple via a simple yet powerful syntax. So your development team won’t have to worry about tasks such as memory management, which is required in C++.

It is a Cross-platform Development tool

This functionality allows developers to run Python-powered applications on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Backed by a Large Community & Ecosystem

Whether your team consists of accomplished or budding developers, if a problem arises, help is just a click away as there’s a massive Python following and people are always ready to provide the required solutions. And since it has been around for over 20 years, there’s a large ecosystem of frameworks and libraries, which can be used to seek guidance for any Python-related project.

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Simply put, Python is a multi-purpose programming language with an easy, clean, and easy-to-learn syntax. Technically you can do it all with other programming languages. What makes Python awesome is its ability to deliver the same results elegantly, efficiently, easily, and much quicker. 

When it comes to building quality apps, it is essential that all members of the development team, from programmers to QA, have a solid understanding of the programming language. Python seems to be the go-to choice in this context. 

Your company’s success and longevity depend on the quality of applications and the quality of apps depends on how it is coded. A good programming language such as Python can help you achieve your desired development goals and pave the way long term business success. It checks all the right boxes in terms of what a good language should be and that’s why even after two decades, companies resort to Python for web & app development.

Looking to hire some of the best Python developers for your next app? Get in touch with Intagleo.

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